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You are relocating home again and as you know, there is a rough road ahead. This time around you are moving from Ottawa to Toronto and you must organize properly, create a packing plan, set a budget, and find reliable movers. And since you are moving into a smaller apartment, you must rent a storage unit to leave a portion of your belongings there. Therefore, we will help you with this part and make it a bit easier for you. Let us prepare clothes for storage and other household items so you can find them intact each time you visit. Let’s go!

Prepare clothes for storage and find the right storage facility

Before you start looking for movers and one of the storage solutions Ottawa, you should realize the complexity of the move. Hence, check out all your rooms and inspect your garage, loft, and basement. Figure out all storage spaces inside your home where you might have old clothes and stored items that you should relocate to the storage unit. Or maybe get rid of it at some point. Realize how many hours must be invested, how much it will cost, is it safe, and if there is a need for any special services. Once you have everything on paper, call your moving company and communicate the details further.

prepare clothes for storage with thorough decluttering
Inspect all your clothing and get them ready for moving and storage.

Your Ottawa movers will use the information you bring and create a moving plan. The goal is to create a safe, affordable, and efficient one. As long as you inspect your home thoroughly, you will help your movers a lot. Once you assemble a plan and a moving contract, you can prepare clothes for storage and other items as well. Start focusing on other stages of your move also and move forward with your relocation plans.

What are your options?

Usually, people use storage units to store seasonal items, furniture, and old clothing they do not use often. But let us make a shortlist of all those items so you have a better picture of how to store and prepare them adequately. Note the following:

  • Robust items – Apart from all the seasonal decorations like a Christmas tree, sled, and winter jackets, we can add any type of furniture to this picture. If you are storing a lot of clothing, maybe you should bring an old wardrobe to store your boxes inside or install a shelving system to stack everything nicely. But we will come to that later.
  • Seasonal items – As we already mentioned, seasonal items are a popular topic when it comes to the storage unit. But, this is the seasonal clothing we are talking about. Hence, all your coats, jackets, boots, sweaters, hats, and scarves will fit just nicely. All those fluffy items that take a ton of space will find their place in your unit.
  • Random items – There will always be enough space for a box or a garbage bag full of random miscellaneous items like old utility cords, toys, old clothing, or broken electronics, etc. Put them somewhere in your unit and make sure they do not take too much space and clutter your unit unnecessarily.

Declutter as much as you can

Prepare clothes for storage but it is important not to bring any junk with you. Yes, we tend to keep old clothing just for sentimental reasons. Over time it accumulates so much that we do not know how to handle it but we still do not do anything about it. Therefore, it is time to downsize and declutter.

old items on the table
Declutter your clothing and all other items you do not need anymore. Get rid of the hoard.

While inspecting your home and packing for moving, you should set aside all those unused pieces. And do not stop there, do this with all your household items like old furniture, broken appliances, and dishes.

You can give them to friends, throw them away, donate to charities, sell online, recycle, or simply move them all to the storage unit. The last solution is not recommended but still, it is a temporary solution and the first step toward a hoard-free home. Besides, if you do this right, your relocation will be much cheaper and ten times easier. Think about it.

Clean and prepare clothes for storage

Obviously, you will clean all your clothing before you pack them for storing. As for packing supplies, you should use regular cardboard boxes or plastic bins. And you will need a bit of adhesive tape along with a label for each box. This time you shouldn’t use plastic wrap for packing because it is too expensive. You can use it for furniture but for clothing, cellophane or a stretch foil is a better and cheaper solution.

So, clean all your pieces inside out. Pay special attention to your boots and ensure there is no mud on them that might hold microorganisms inside. You do not want any pest emerging while you are absent. Remove all dirt from your shoes before you store them away.

But if you are purchasing one of the Ottawa relocation services, check out packing services as well. Movers can bring all the materials and pack you instead. It is a lucrative solution for your situation. Or at least let them assist you as much as possible and make it all easier. Talk to your movers about it and check your options.

a woman packing cardboard boxes
Use regular packing materials. Just make sure your clothes are clean before storing them.

Use all space you have

The size of the unit matters greatly. You should figure this one right from the start because you do not want to rent and pay for more than you need. Therefore, check out the batch you are storing, and evaluate the storage sizes. There are small, medium, and larger ones. You will probably do just fine with a smaller one but if you intend on storing a vehicle or a lot of furniture you might want to increase it to medium or large. So, check with your unit provider and figure out the best option for you.

One more important thing related to the unit size is the shelving system and the way you store your items. You must utilize all the space given. You can use hangers and hang a lot of clothing from the ceiling. Then, a vertical shelving system will save you a lot of space because you can stack all your boots and boxes on it. And as we mentioned before, if you bring a wardrobe in, you are all set. You will basically have a spare bedroom inside your unit. Amazing, right.

Now you know how to prepare clothes for storage. It is simple as long as you clean and pack everything before you bring it in. Also, ensure your storage provider is legit as well as the moving company you are dealing with. Good luck and stay safe.

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