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Having the opportunity to work from the comfort of your own office is not that often. So once you get it, keep it. And sometimes, it can happen that you have to relocate your office to another city, or even state. Once that time comes, you have to know how to pack electronics for your office move. It is most likely something most valuable that you have in the office department. And it is very important that you keep all of them safe. Now, for the most part, your reliable movers Ottawa has will deal with. But for the other things, everything is relying on you. Even though it sounds complicated, it is not. At least not that much. And when you are prepared, it gets even easier and better.

To be able to pack electronics for your office move, you will need some things

Every packing is more or less very similar. This means that for every packing you need the same sort of equipment. And it is the same when you need to pack electronics for your office move. Before you even start, you need to get moving and packing supplies. Normally you can ask for packing supplies Ottawa moving companies. Quite a big number of them offer it to customers. But even if they are not, you have nothing to worry about. There are other solutions.

Different electronic devices on the table.
Having so many things can be quite confusing when you try to pack electronics for your office move.

For instance, you can ask some of your friends if they can borrow it from you. And if not, you can always buy them. Either in some local stores and markets or online. However, it is very important that you get them, not how. And the sooner you have everything that you need for packing those electronics, the sooner you can start.

To find supplies so you can pack electronics for your office move, make a complete list first

Some of the supplies depend on the type of electronics that you want to pack. But in general, they are more or less similar or the same. So, some of the moving supplies are:

  • Very sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic ones
  • Wrapping paper, preferably bubble one
  • Duct tape or scotch tape
  • Styrofoam balls and some old newspaper
  • Zip ties or rubber bands
  • Scissors, marker, and stickers

Now, when it comes to packing, know from where you need to start

Now you probably have a lot of your things around your office and you don’t know from where to start. Well, that is completely normal and you shouldn’t worry about it much. Also, your long distance movers that are in Ottawa can offer you some tips if you don’t want their full help for services. So consider writing down some notes. However, this confusion shouldn’t mess you up. It is nothing difficult that you have to bear with. 

Although, the best solution that you have here is to make a plan. When you have a plan that you can follow, it is much easier. Also, it can help a lot with controlling stress. When you don’t have to remember everything in your mind, it is much easier. Either way, a plan is needed. Not only for the packing but for the entire relocation as well. For sure, this plan for packing your office shouldn’t be perfect, just so you know from where to start and what to pack next. 

Female wrapping items in wrapping paper for packing.
If not done properly, packing can be stressful.

When you have to pack electronics for your office move, you must divide them into groups

Depending on what kind of work you are doing, you have different types of electronics in your office. And that is expected. Of course, it is practical to have everything that you can need. But when you have to relocate your office, it might not be that simple. You will have to divide everything into groups. It might be a little more confusing to do it, but this is the safer, faster, and more convenient way. So you should not question that. You can even ask your office movers that Ottawa has about it. They will confirm this theory.

By dividing electronics into groups, we mean that you should separate each electronic device. Either according to the shape, size, or purpose. Some people even prefer to pack everything separately. There are fewer risks of breaking anything. And it will be easier to find something certain when you are unpacking. The best would be to follow that example. This means that you will need moving boxes in the shape and sizes of your devices. One for the computer, the other for the fax machine, some for the printer, and so on.

Packing electronics devices is not the same as packing clothes

You understand that you have to divide all of your electronics. And it is better that way if you want to keep them safe, arriving without any damage to a new office. Now, the packing is not difficult, but you will still have to pay attention to some of the details. For instance, the computer monitor. It is a very fragile thing, that you can’t just put in the box and close. It is a little bit more than that. You have to bubble wrap it and secure it. And also to secure the box itself.

A similar thing is with the scanners. They also have a part that is made out of pure glass. Also, another thing you must pay attention to, are the cables. If you don’t untangle them and zip tie them properly, you can spend hours trying to untangle everything at your new office. And you definitely don’t want that. Of course, if needed, you can always ask your movers about packing services they can provide you with. Or on the other hand, you just need to make sure that you have all the packing materials you need for this process.

Woman writing down information on the label for the package.
Make sure that you label all the boxes, it will be easier both for the movers and for the unpacking.

In the end, you should remember to label each box

To finish up when you pack electronics for your office move, you need to label all the boxes. Labeling is important because of fee reasons. The first one is because of the movers. So they don’t have to turn around those boxes to figure out what is inside. And the other reason is the unpacking. You won’t spend days trying to find a certain thing from those boxes. Make sure that you write down with a marker from each side what is inside a box. And with a sticker for labeling, label those boxes that have a very fragile content.

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