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When you think about all the things you need to store, your book collection is definitely the most delicate and probably the most precious for you. So, to pack and store your book collection is a demanding task both for you and for the moving company you will hire. That is why make sure to hire discount moving Ottawa to assist you with your whole moving process. When you choose a reliable professional, 50% of your job is already done. The reason why books are so important is that they are actually a deeply personal representation of your personality and history. Someone can place some books in temporary storage, while other people have a substantial personal library at home. However, as your home library grows, you will need to think about the ways to safely store them somewhere. So, here we will check out some useful tips and tricks.

In order to pack and store your book collection wisely, you need to make a plan first

One of the best ways to store books is definitely your bookcase where books can “breathe enough”. Still, if you are moving, you might not be able to use shelves for all your books since it will be physically impossible. At that moment, especially if you are a book lover, make sure to prepare your books for long-term storage. In addition, if you have some additional equipment and instruments, let piano movers Ottawa take care of all your valuables. It will not be easy for you, since these items are so precious for you, but you need to trust your company since they are one of the best. In the meantime, here are some useful steps you can follow:

  • check them out for liquid and food damage and air them out if necessary
  • wrap them in a right manner
  • arrange them nicely and choose the right packaging
  • use climate-controlled storage unit if needed
Books in a box
Pack and store your book collection in appropriate boxes and packaging

Check out for any food or liquid damages, and air them out if needed before you pack and store your book collection

Although some people are ashamed to admit, a lot of them actually eat and drink while reading. Admit it, you are doing it too. Usually, it is harmless, but sometimes some food crumbs or liquid spills can stay on the book and damage it. That way, even mold can spread all over your book and of course, you don’t want that to happen. Your main job before you hire Ottawa relocation services is basically to protect your books. People often forget, but when cleaning your pages with a brush, check out for insect eggs. Yeah, I know it sounds disgusting, but checking it now will save you a lot of headaches later. Make sure not to use any spray since you will damage the book, but clean it properly. In case your books feel damp make sure to air them out before putting them in the boxes.

Wrap them in a right manner

The right way of packing any items will save you so much time and money. The reason why is that when they are protected properly, you will not spend money later for restoring or cleaning them additionally. Having all that in mind, your priority is also to have the most appropriate packing supplies. Before packing your books into long-term storage, make sure to use paper towels or a similar material that will be on protecting them first. No matter what you do, don’t use plastic bags because plastic can cause moisture and you will have a lot of problems with your books later. Another wrapping material you should also avoid is newspaper. What also people often forget is printed bookmarks inside books, which can actually cause a chemical reaction and destroy the book completely. All in all, make sure to use acid-free archival paper and that will be enough.

A woman cleaning her book
Cleaning your books before moving will save you a lot of headaches later

Arrange them nicely and choose the right packaging

The best way to store books is to store them vertically with the paper edges facing up. That way, books support each other. Make sure to never jam too many books together, since they can cause the spines of the books to warp. Smaller books will be safer lying flat or standing upright, while larger books should be laid flat strictly. Concerning packaging, cardboard boxes are just fine for the short-term storage of all books with different types of covers. Plastic containers can be a bit tricky though because they can cause moisture that can stay trapped inside books. You can use silica gel to prevent that. Basically, you can pack books whatever you like, but avoid packing them tightly together since they can bend and lose their shape. Still, don’t pack them too loosely because then you will cause a lot of dents. Creating a balance is a must.

Use climate-controlled storage if needed

Definitely, one of the best ways to preserve the quality of your books is to put them in a properly chosen climate-controlled storage unit. It will keep the range of temperature steady. A steady temperature is very important for storing books and other delicate items. Even though you think your attic will work just fine, sometimes the cool, dry environment is actually a perfect alternative. Even though your attic or basement seem like perfect choices those are home conditions after all. So, that’s why a storage unit can indeed be a better choice. Probably your attic or basement cannot maintain low humidity year-round and a storage facility with climate control actually can. Yes, it will be a bit more expensive, but it is definitely worth it.

Storage unit
Keep the books in a climate-controlled storage unit if needed

All in all, no matter what precautions you take, books definitely can not stay new forever. The reality is that they will age since they are made of organic materials. Still, you need to do your best in packing, moving, and later organizing your book collection properly. However, don’t be surprised if older books will be in better shape eventually. They are made of higher quality paper and that is why they will stand the test of time in a better way.

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