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You decided to move to Barrhaven with a large family. The bigger the family the more tasks you must cover and the harder it gets. But, regardless of the size of your move, you still must create a relocation plan, pack like a pro, and find Barrhaven movers to get you there safely. All those tasks will take a toll on your time, budget, and your emotions. So, let us provide a small guide on how to do it right and relocate you and your family safely. Let’s go!

Gather your family and create a moving plan together

The very first step is to schedule a family meeting. Right from the start exclude children below the age of 10 because they can’t do much. Moreover, they can even slow down the moving process with all the questions and requirements. Then, create a moving plan together and appoint tasks so you can spread them among family members equally and complete everything faster. You and your spouse should be in charge of the whole organization and finances while you can appoint other members to work on packing and other chores, errands, and requirements.

People organizing a move to Barrhaven with a large family
Gather your entire family and assemble a moving plan together!

Once you have your internal moving plan in your hands, start inspecting your home. You must do it from the top to the bottom and inspect each room including the attic, basement, garage, and backyard. Note down all the furniture and belongings you have in your home. Create an inventory and a moving checklist where you’ll note down all the robust pieces, special services, number of packing supplies requirements, and a budget calculation. And when you have covered this part, call your local movers Ottawa and provide the info you gathered. With it, they will create a safer and cheaper moving plan and provide you with the moving quote. Hence, ensure you cover your part before you pass the ball to your movers.

Find a trustworthy moving company to help you move to Barrhaven with a large family

Obviously, with all the advertisements available on the internet, you will find your professional movers Ottawa online. Just browse for an hour or two, read a few reviews, and compare prices. Check out the services they offer and narrow your search down to the top few companies. Then, give them a call and check if they possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits
  • Tools and equipment
  • Required moving services
  • Moving insurance
  • Safety protocols and regulations in place

Once you confirm everything and find a match, you can begin to negotiate. Note that with such a big move you can always get a discount or a better offer. Or at least one of the services for free or something similar. And the last step is to confirm if your movers are legit. Simply check their website and confirm they have ap physical address and contact info displayed. Then, check out social media groups and try to find external comments and reviews about your company. Finally, check the Better Business Bureau if your movers are registered online. If they are a legit moving company, they should leave a trace somewhere.

Everyone should participate

As we stated before, you will move to Barrhaven with a large family much easier if you let your family members cover some of the tasks. Yes, even your children can participate at some point. It all depends on the age of your children of course. If they are above the age of 10, you can let them pack their entire room. Or they can at least pack their personal stuff like toys and books. For older members of the family, tasks can be simple. Let them pack, run errands, and cover some of the moving-related responsibilities. This way you will cut your moving preparations in half and even spend less money on moving labor and services.

Pack like a pro and move to Barrhaven with a large family

The most important stage is where the whole family can participate in the packing process. Yes, you can appoint each member to pack their rooms respectively. Or to move together in teams and cover room by room until everything is packed safely. It is up to you.

a man closing a cardboard box
If possible, use higher-quality packing supplies at least for all your fragile items.

But before you can begin packing, you must obtain all the materials required. You will need cardboard boxes, labels, packing tape, and bubble wrap. And those are the mandatory ones you can obtain at the nearest hardware store or order online. Also, consider better-quality materials like Styrofoam, packing peanuts, customized boxes, plastic bins, corner pads, and more. But also know they are a bit more expensive as well.

All in all, you should check your moving budget and evaluate your belongings. If some pieces are extremely valuable or fragile, purchase a few plastic bins to make sure they will endure the voyage. And finally, if you simply can’t be bothered with the whole packing process, talk to your movers and purchase packing services Ottawa. It is an amazing and cheap way to skip this boring part of each relocation and do something else instead. Your movers will bring all the materials to pack you swiftly. Also, they can unpack upon delivery if requested. Meanwhile, you can do something more productive with your family. So, if your budget allows it, consider this one.

A storage facility can be a good solution

You are about to move to Barrhaven with a large family and despite all the decluttering, downsizing, and proper packing, you still lack space in your new home. This can happen to anyone, especially if you have a big family and a lot of items with you. So, the only viable solution here aside from decluttering is to rent a storage unit and leave a portion of your items there. It can be a few pieces of robust furniture and all the seasonal items that would otherwise clutter your home unnecessarily.

Hence, check with your moving company if they offer storage units Ottawa based, or let them point you in the right direction. Or you can always find a good storage unit provider online in a matter of seconds. Just remember you have this option available.

Outdoor storage facility
A storage unit can be the answer. If you have more items than you can handle, rent one.

Ask your friends to help out as well

Even if you engage the whole family in the moving process, you still might be behind your schedule. Or you simply can’t cover everything adequately without an additional set of hands. So, you can always ask your relatives, neighbors, friends, or coworkers to help out. They can help you with decluttering, packing, and even with moving when the time comes.

And one last piece of advice. You must work on your legalities and documents in due time. You surely have a lot of paperwork to cover for each member of the family. So, you must start completing this task as soon as you decide on moving. Therefore, check all personal IDs, driver’s licenses, medical records, school records, bank documents, credit cards, moving-related documents, etc. And do it for each member of the family. Ensure everything will be up to date and adequately transferred and ready to be used at your new address.

Now you know what you must do before you move to Barrhaven with a large family. All you need is good coordination and a professional moving team to help you with the hard labor. Everything else you can complete as a team. So, gather your family and start working on it. Barrhaven awaits!

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