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Moving always takes some time, and ideally, you would have at least a month to prepare for your relocation. However, because life is unpredictable, you may only have a handful of days to find a new place to live, perhaps even in a different city. Even though most people move within one hour’s drive from their old place, such as from Kemptville to Arnprior, it’s still wise to get moving assistance. If you’re in a similar situation, the best moving companies in Ottawa area will gladly help you out! Meanwhile, here’s what you need to know to prepare for a move from Kemptville to Arnprior in a week.

Important things to know about Arnprior before settling there

Arnprior, a small and charming town located just a 30-minute drive from Ottawa, has a sense of community like few others. With a population of around 10,000 people, this place offers a tight-knit community where it’s easy to connect and form meaningful relationships. Additionally, top-quality schools, healthcare services, and recreational programs contribute to an excellent quality of life here, making Arnprior an attractive choice for families.

A group of friends making plan for moving form Kemptville to Arnprior in a week
After you move to Arnprior, expect to find a friendly community always ready to lend a helping hand

Meanwhile, according to movers Arnprior, many people also decide to relocate here because of Arnprior’s scenic location at the confluence of two rivers. As such, this town is an ideal destination for people looking for a peaceful retreat in nature or spending time outdoors. The town also has a rich history and cultural heritage, which is reflected in its architecture. Its well-preserved buildings, such as McNab/Braeside Archives and the Arnprior and District Museum, tell the story of Arnprior’s past. So, make sure to visit them once you relocate and learn more about your new home!

Why do people decide to move from Kemptville to Arnprior, anyway?

There are about 85 kilometers between Kemptville and Arnprior, so this move can still qualify as a local one. Still, there are differences between these destinations, and some of the most important ones are the location and population number. While both Kemptville and Arnprior are small towns, Kemptville has only about 4,000 people, which might be too constraining for some people.

Arnprior is also closer to Ottawa, and it’s much better connected to the capital via Ontario Highway 417. So, living in Arnprior opens up more career opportunities. The cost of living might play a role as well, as Arnprior’s housing costs and overall living expenses might be more affordable. Keeping all these advantages in mind, it’s easy to see why more and more people decide to hire movers Kemptville to relocate there. 

You will need help if you wish to move from Kemptville to Arnprior in a week successfully

If you only have seven days or less to make the move, it’s either due to some unexpected situation or because you didn’t get around to planning your move sooner. Either way, time’s ticking, and you’ve got to get a move-in plan sorted out ASAP. This might sound like a high-speed challenge, as you probably have too many things to do. Luckily, that’s where reliable, professional movers come into the picture! They offer many services to fit your needs and take the weight off your shoulders, ensuring you don’t leave anything behind.

A happy mover holding a box
If you need help to move from Kemptville to Arnprior in a week, professionals will be by your side

Also, keep in mind the layout of the home you’re moving into when you’re making your relocation plan. Most living spaces in Arnprior are single-family homes, which might give you a false impression it’s going to be easy to transport your items there. However, since this is a historical town, these homes might still have narrow entrances and staircases, so you should avoid moving on your own in Arnprior. Movers, on the other hand, are quick, efficient, and ready to tackle any issues that might pop up during a last-minute move. They’re better at maneuvering furniture through tight stairwell corners than you and your buddies. Plus, they’ve got the experience to make sure your precious stuff doesn’t get damaged in the process.

Don’t forget to deal with the administration just because you’re in a rush

Moving from Kemptville to Arnprior within a week comes with its fair share of paperwork challenges. While movers can help you with the physical aspect of the relocation, for this task, you’re on your own! With such a short timeframe, you need to prioritize tasks and stay organized. First of all, make sure to notify the post office of your change of address and inform your bank, credit card companies, and insurance providers to ensure your financial matters are up to date.

A woman calling providers on the phone
Take some time to call your providers and transfer utilities to your new address

Also, don’t forget to contact utility providers in Kemptville to disconnect services on a moving day while simultaneously arranging for utility connections in Arnprior. Keep in mind that things might not sync up perfectly if you’re moving so quickly. It could take a little while for your mail to catch up or your new internet to get set up. Finally, if you have children, remember to take their school and medical documents on time. If you’re moving during the summer, you won’t need to enroll them in a new school just yet, but it’s better to have everything on hand!

Good luck with your upcoming relocation to Arnprior!

As you can see, it’s perfectly possible to move from Kemptville to Arnprior in a week. But pulling off a move on such short notice can be stressful if you don’t prepare properly. To keep things smooth, it’s a smart move to bring in the professionals. And remember, once you settle in Arnprior, you’ll see how good of a decision it was!

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