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Moving your office someplace else is not something you should plan and do overnight. There will be an entire list of things you should do, starting from preparations all the way to setting up your new office. And while you probably have a trustworthy team to do it for you, this is not an easy task. You’ll need a lot more than that, including professional help from movers and packers Ottawa and some sound advice. Down below, you will see how to make a perfect office relocation checklist and all the things you should include on it. Before you know it, your entire business will be ready to move!

Things to consider before moving your office

When you decide to take this step, that means some huge changes are coming your way. This could be due to expanding your business, looking for new clients, or simply wanting to try somewhere else. Whatever the reason, your relocation must be successful and free of stress. This will result in many good things, like your employees being happy and your company blending in faster. When it comes to the actual process of your relocation, the best movers will be by your side. This will make things much easier for you and the entire team. You will have enough space and time to focus on the business while the movers do all of the heavy lifting.

office meeting in progress
Your office relocation begins with a good meeting with your team

What is a office relocation checklist, and how to make it?

A relocation checklist is a great way to follow the progress of your move and make sure everything is done on time. People tend to do it for both residential and office relocations, and every time it turns out that they were right to do it. When you have a moving checklist, it is very difficult to come across certain moving obstacles that can cause further issues. Even though every relocation is different, certain rules can be applied to them, and they certainly should be on your moving checklist. It must cover all areas of your move and focus on the specific matters related to your home or office.

If we are to talk about an office relocation checklist, you must be very careful when making one. It will probably be complex and filled with different tasks, all for a good reason. The good news is that you will not have to do them all by yourself, and professional help will be at your disposal. Office moving Ottawa is an excellent way to balance hard work and business flow. Apart from movers, you will have a team that should be assigned to different tasks. If you manage to do everything, your relocation will be fast and efficient.

Who should be in charge of making this list?

Your moving checklist must include everything and everyone that will be moving with you. Even those employees who wish to stay will have a couple of things to do and probably some good advice to give. The same goes for your office inventory. So, when you decide to make a list, your team should be by your side. Listen to their suggestions as they spend huge amounts of time working in that office. Some of them will provide great advice regarding the equipment, others will focus on your clients, and together you will manage to divide tasks successfully.

three people having meeting in the office
Let your team offer their suggestions for the office relocation checklist and its making

If you already had a chance to move your office, things will be much easier. You can learn from previous mistakes and rely on tips you know will work. In case some of your employees have moved recently, let them share their experience with you. Gathering as much information as possible at the beginning could be a real lifesaver, and you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to use it.

What should your perfect office relocation checklist include?

Considering that movers will be by your side during this process, your checklist will include everything that is essential. Some of the items on the list will be handled by moving services Ottawa, while others will be handled by you. Even if you encounter some difficulties along the way, you will have at least one solution ready. Since that is the entire point of having a good plan, let’s dive into more details!

Include the packing process in your office checklist

They say that packing is the most difficult part of every relocation, and if you plan on doing it yourself, it will be. Your office is probably filled with office furniture, papers, boxes, and equipment, and someone must be in charge of that. Packing services Ottawa will remove a lot of work from your back, and you should consider them. Professional packers know exactly what to do with all those heavy items.

peanut foam in the box as an example of what should be included in your office relocation checklist
Good packing materials will protect your items nd equipment during moving

Even the most delicate ones will be safe in their hands from the start. As a result, you will not have to spend hours and hours packing. Letting your team do it is a good idea, but only if there are no more important things to do. Letting them pack everything is not a good idea, as they can help you with clients, movers, or even a checklist.

Inventory and packing supplies

If your office is small and there are not a lot of things to pack, you can try to do it on your own. For that, you will need good packing materials that will keep your inventory safe. Your office relocation checklist must include that as well, as doing it at the last minute can cause confusion and stress. You can even end up forgetting something, and that is something to avoid at all costs. Packing supplies Ottawa can provide you with high-quality boxes and other materials. Once you have everything, your packing supplies should be:

  • Moving boxes in different sizes
  • Wrapping paper or bubble wrap
  • Markers for labeling
  • Tape
  • Peanut foam
  • Nylon or other material for covering office furniture
moving boxes zou need to make zour perfect office relocation checklist
Get yourself boxes in different sizes

You can even expand your list and write down additional things regarding packing supplies and your inventory. If you decide to give this task to some of your employees, they can do it for you. Make sure that everything is properly packed before the movers arrive and that there is nothing left!

Consider using storage solutions

Another thing that should be included in your office relocation checklist is storage. It has been a useful tool for countless people and for various different reasons. Storage is great when you are moving, renovating, or hosting any kind of event. It is especially useful when you are dealing with a huge lack of space in your home or office. Units are spacious and clean and can hold a lot of things for a long time. When you place your items there, you will have much more space and time to set everything up. All storage facilities Ottawa have employees that will monitor your unit while your things are there.

Storage units like this one are great for offices
Make use of climate-controlled storage units to temporarily store your office items

Don’t forget that you shouldn’t take everything with you. Moving everything is not necessarily a bad idea when relocating. Once you start packing and organizing your office inventory, that will be the right moment for it. Slowly check everything and set aside things that are old or out of date. If you are not willing to throw them away, you can come up with a different solution. There are probably some organizations in your area that could use them for something else. Once you find them, pack everything and deliver those boxes. Not only will you free up even more space, but you will also do a good thing for someone else.

Preparing the new space is also part of the office relocation checklist

Simply arriving at your new office without a plan is not a good idea. The entire new space must be ready for your arrival, and your business should start running as soon as possible. Knowing this, you must prepare everything well in advance of the arrival of the movers. There are a couple of options regarding this, and each one of them will work out for you. You can either do it yourself or send a team of your employees to prepare the area. The new office should be clean, fresh, and ready to start operating. This is even more important if the new space is smaller than the previous one. Feel free to make a separate list regarding your new office, but don’t wait too long to start working from it.

Choose the date of your relocation carefully

The other types of items on your checklist will focus more on your relocation in general. The first thing you must do is choose a good time to move. No one knows your company better than you do, and that is the key. If you feel completely prepared to relocate, it is time to start preparing your office.This change will do you good, and you will be teaching new business success in the near future. This also indicates that you did well in recent years and that your business flow is ready for a new client base.

On the other hand, if you are not sure, don’t rush things. Moving at the wrong time can be a huge mistake, especially if no one in your company is ready for it. This will heavily affect your clients, services, and employees. A much better option is to wait as long as necessary until your business is ready. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to go through certain losses, they will be much less than in your new office.

Explore the new area

Apart from dealing with your inventory, you must think of your future clients waiting for you. They should see your company in all its glory, and the best way to do that is to explore the area. Gather as much information as you can about clients and other companies there, as those things will matter a lot. If you are moving across the city of Ottawa, there is a chance you already know the area. Use that knowledge and make the best out of your company! Once you are sure that the new place will work for you and your business, you will be good to go. Start working on advertising your services and presenting them in the best light possible. New clients will love the idea of something new arriving and will surely love everything you have to offer.

Moving your office to another big city

In every relocation, distance matters a lot and shouldn’t be underestimated. Luckily, movers have plenty of experience to carry it out, so you don’t need to stress out about it. However, you and your team must be prepared for a change that is coming your way. For example, the office moving Ottawa to Toronto is a huge step, and all of you will need some time to get used to it. Let them prepare for it properly and make sure there is plenty of time for it.

movers holding packing boxes
Movers will be at your service during your relocation so feel free to rely on them

Once you arrive, start the blending-in process slowly and don’t rush through it. Some of your employees may be in Toronto for the first time, so let them have fun. That city will embrace all your hard work and creativity, and your business will soon skyrocket. Give it just a little bit of time and patience, and things will start falling into place!

Have fun moving your office and enjoy new business challenges

Before you know it, your office relocation checklist will give amazing results. Your company will be at a new location ready to provide service to more clients. Rely on movers and their professional help and keep your checklist always active. Once the process begins you can remove things from it so that you can see the progress happening in front of you. Keep good communication with your team and look forward to all the new things this relocation will bring you.

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