How to maintain friendships after moving long distance


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Sudden relocations mean various life changes. Not only do you change your place of residence, but also say goodbye to closest friends. We all know how valuable friends are. A friend group is your support system throughout different life events. Physical separation from people you trust means less time together and more online communication. While many contacts fade away because of the move, it’s not impossible to maintain friendships after moving long distance.

We at Professional Movers Ottawa understand how important is to keep in touch with people close to you after the move. That’s why we created this ultimate helpful guide for you! In addition, you will need excellent long distance movers Ontario moving companies provide. Don’t hesitate to contact us and get a quote. We will handle everything for you and help you start fresh, stress-free!

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Regular communication can maintain friendships after moving long distance.

The closest friendships are much easier to maintain after moving long-distance

Many fear they will lose touch with people who were major parts of their everyday lives. Sometimes life just happens, and other duties take the spotlight. Family, work, and fast-past lifestyle often make communication difficult to maintain. However, closest friends will remain in your life no matter where you are. For sure, it takes a little bit of effort in order to maintain relations.

Throw a farewell party for your friend group

Goodbye parties are a perfect way to celebrate your new beginning with the closest people. When you make them part of another of your life journeys, your friendship will be rock-solid. Therefore, make enough space in your home, use up leftover food to cook enough food, buy some drinks and enjoy the night. However, be wise about the timing. It’s better not to celebrate exactly a day before you start moving preparations. You don’t want to bother with moving duties while tired and hungover. Therefore, make sure you have enough time to rest after the party. Many moving duties are upon you.

Let your friends know you would like to host them at your new place

When you and your friends know the approximate date of the meeting, the time will surely run faster. You will be excited to see them again. Therefore, work and other duties won’t put a strain on your communication. If it happens not to speak to each other for a week due to busy schedules, you still know you’ll meet. Moreover, true friendships won’t dissolve because of a couple of busy weeks. The point of planning your next meeting with friends ahead is to let them know your friendship is still among your priorities.

friends having good time
Throw a memorable party with your friends before the move.

Remembering important dates and sending occasional gifts will further maintain long-distance friendships

It’s always pleasant when you know your friends think of you when moving far away. Therefore, make sure to keep up with their birthdays, upcoming job interviews, and the like. Surprise them with gifts. Buy them something they wanted for quite some time. That way you show your friends you still know their taste.

Chat groups and mutual online activities are excellent for maintaining friendships after moving long-distance

Create a chat group on your most-used messenger. Update your friends daily with your life situations. Also, make the most of online activities. Organize some time for virtual gaming adventures. You can also play chess or cards online. Besides gaming, you can always watch movies together with long distance friends. There are many apps that can make your long-distance watch party joyful. You can call each other to comment and laugh at the scenes. Fortunately, the Internet has become more than just a connection tool. It’s a completely different world full of entertainment. Indeed, the internet cannot replace real-life experience. However, it still provides enough possibilities to maintain long-distance contacts.

Ask friends to help you organize your move and hire a reputable moving company

Moving can be a memorable experience, especially when you include your friends. Gather them for a coffee or tea, and ask them for suggestions for the best moving help Ottawa has on offer. Next, make a list of promising movers, then proceed to their websites. Examine the services, price points, and testimonials. Check with your friends whether the quality of service is worth the money.

Cross-compare the rates and services together with friends

Relocations often become complicated and confusing due to an extended list of tasks. Moreover, you sometimes get a feeling like you aren’t capable to think about everything. In addition, it may seem impossible to compare moving companies and make the right choice. On the other hand, having trustworthy friends at your side is a blessing in this situation. Mutual decision-making makes moving preparations go quicker. Therefore, set aside enough time to cross-compare service rates and testimonials with friends. Consider their opinions. This will further reduce the number of potential movers on your list.

friends searching online
Include your closest friends in the organizational process. Consider their opinions and advice.

Make sure you choose a company that offers a free estimate and includes excellent storage services. Ask friends for recommendations and do online research. Some of the best indoor storage units Ottawa companies offer are modern and maintained. They have a climate-control option. Furthermore, that guarantees your belongings will remain in a good condition all the time.

Ensure you’re staying in touch with the right people

No matter how much you want to maintain friendships after moving long distance, some people aren’t meant to stay in your life in the long run. Moving sometimes doesn’t necessarily break friendships but also helps you face the reality of your relations. Maybe (or maybe not) you will notice some of your pals distancing themselves. Some of them may find another friend group. Also, some may reduce the communication they with you. In that case, be wise about your further relations. You don’t want to try keeping in touch with someone who lost their interest in you and your life.

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