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Moving is a process that requires a lot of planning and money. And moving long-distance requires even more planning and it, of course, costs more. That is why it is smart to budget for a long-distance move and not waste money unnecessarily. But rather plan for it properly and take into account all the expenses and ways you can save money on your long distance move. One of the best ways to do that is to find good moving help Ottawa to help you move and make the whole process much easier and more efficient. There is a lot of other ways to budget for a long-distance move and save money. You can read all about it here.

Plan your budget for the move

A good way to keep track of all your spendings during a move is to make a budget. This way you will know how much you will spend on everything and you can find a lot of ways to save money too. Make sure that you inquire with your movers about the price of the move. And the price of all the other services which you might need alongside the move. Services like storage and packing for example. You should also take inventory of all your things so that you know how much there is to pack, this will help your movers give you an accurate estimate of how much the move is going to cost. And it is important to set aside some money for emergencies and additional expenses which are likely to show up during the move. This will make moving much easier and stress-free.

Man using a laptop to plan his budget for a long-distance move
Make a thorough plan of your finances

Decide whether to hire movers or do the move yourself

This will have a big impact on your budget for a long-distance move. It might be cheaper to rent a truck and drive it yourself with all your things. But then you have to take into account how much time it will take to pack and unpack, and for the drive itself. Can you afford to spend that much time? It might end up cheaper just hiring long distance movers Ontario and letting them take care of the move. As this will save you more time for other things, especially to start working at your new job. So take all of those things into account and do the math to decide what would be a better and more cost-efficient way to move. You will most likely end up hiring movers as they are just more efficient and you won’t have to worry about anything going wrong.

Downsizing and getting rid of some of your things will help with your budget for a long-distance move

A great way to save money for your move and even make some is to downsize. Because the more things you move with you the move will cost you more. As you will need a bigger truck and more movers. And of course, the packing will cost more and take more time. Same with unpacking. So one of the best ways to budget for a long-distance move is to get rid of the things you don’t want or need anymore. And you can also leave some of your things in storage facilities Ottawa and bring them to your new home later. This will also make the move cheaper. As for the things you want to get rid of, there are many ways to do that:

  • Sell
  • Give to friends and family
  • Donate
Furniture on display outdoors
Organizing a garage sale is a great way to get rid of your old things and make some money

A good way to save money when moving is to move in a non-peak month

Moving can be much more expensive if you are moving in peak time for moving. And that is usually somewhere between May and September. Because that is when children are not in school and families have much more freedom and flexibility to move. Moving off-season is a great way to make a long distance move much cheaper. The only issue is finding the time for it, but if you can pull it off it will definitely be worth the effort. And you will have more choice with movers as they are not overbooked, so you can easily negotiate a better price for your move. So take your time to figure out when you can move and try to fit the move into the non-peak months.

You can budget for a long-distance move by saving money on moving supplies

People underestimate how much money they are going to end up spending on moving supplies, it can end up being quite a lot. So using some boxes and packing supplies that you already have is a good way to save money and not strain your budget for a long-distance move. And you can always ask your friends and family if they have some boxes and moving supplies, it is very likely that they do. You can use old t-shirts, towels, and blankets as packing supplies to protect the items inside boxes. And there are many ways to get free moving boxes for your move.

pile of cardboard boxes scattered on the floor
Reusing some of the boxes you already have can save you quite a lot of money

An important thing when making a budget for a long-distance move is to plan for the small things

There are a lot of small things you need to take care of during the move and after it. And all the costs of doing them can add up to a lot. So it’s important to make sure that you put aside enough money to take care of all of those things. For example, registering your car in a new state, a new driver’s license, car, and health insurance. Changing names on utilities, and changing address for any subscriptions and other services. And some of those things might cost a lot more than they do in your state, so it would be good to research the cost of it all so that you know how much money you will need. So that you can put enough money to cover everything and avoid getting into trouble and having to waste time on it all after the move.

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