How to avoid inaccurate moving quotes when moving a long distance in Ontario


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Before starting to check the moving quotes, you have to be clear about the services that you want. You can use the quote calculator on the movers’ websites. Or, you can give them a call and request the quotes. In both cases, they will need some initial information. Such one is the number of possessions that you are moving. The movers and packers Ottawa will also ask if you are planning a local or long-distance move. Such factors are influencing the moving quote. However, you also have to be careful when choosing among companies. That way, you will avoid inaccurate moving quotes when moving a long distance in Ontario.

Calculator and papers with figures - avoid inaccurate moving quotes when moving a long distance in Ontario.
The moving quote is the starting point for calculating the moving budget.

Factors needed to calculate moving quotes when moving a long distance in Ontario

Using a moving calculator or getting the quote over the phone is just the first step. On the bases of that preliminary quote, you will choose several companies, and ask them to make the on-site estimation. Coming to your home, the estimators will be able to give you more accurate moving quotes. They will take into consideration:

  • Number of the possessions that you are moving
  • Weight of your belongings
  • Distance from your old to your new home
  • Parking services
  • Highway toll
  • Possible need for the temporary storage of your belongings
  • Services that you request (besides moving)

For example, if you request the packing services, that additional cost will be included in the moving quote. The same goes for the packing supplies, in case the movers are providing them.

Why it is important to avoid inaccurate moving quotes?

The moving quote, or estimation, is the starting point for calculating the moving budget. So, calculating on the bases of inaccurate moving quotes will inevitably lead you to mistakes. Some companies, in order to attract customers, are giving very low estimates. Don’t fall for it. It is precisely the red flag that indicates that something is wrong. With an inaccurate budget, you will easily find yourself unable to cover relocation costs.

Expect that the moving date will affect the quotes

When checking the quotes, you must take the moving date into consideration. If you are moving during the pick time (April to September), the moving quotes will be higher. Also, if you are moving on weekends, expect the higher prices.

So, in case you are moving in the wintertime, or during the weekdays, don’t be surprised that moving quotes of long distance movers Ontario are considerably lower. This is not a red flag, but just a seasonal price fluctuation. 

How to avoid inaccurate moving quotes when moving a long distance in Ontario?

Moving quotes is one excellent tool to help you when choosing a reliable moving company. If you notice that the quotes are inaccurate, just disregard those movers. And, how you can realize they are inaccurate. Well, that is exactly why so many authorities are suggesting checking several quotes. Comparing quotes, you will easily spot the possible red flags.

Two persons checking a paper with figures between two laptops.
Agree with movers about the moving estimations which is best for you.

A reliable moving company will offer you three types of moving estimates

For many people, this can be very confusing. However, understating the difference among them can be crucial to a successful move. So, the company representatives will ask you if you opt for:

  • a non-binding estimate
  • binding estimate
  • the binding not-to-exceed estimate

Ordinary customers are usually confused with this question. Those, who were already moving, will understand the difference. So, we will here give a short overview of all three types. Bottom line, it is good to be well informed when making the final decision and signing the contract.

A non-binding estimate

This presents a quote that is based on the weight of your belongings. The thing is that this quote is not definite. The estimator will give you one price. However, after you accept this quote type, the real price will be set after measuring your possessions. So, it can easily happen that your belongings weigh more than estimated. If so, you will end up paying higher charges than you’ve expected. Usually, you will have to pay the originally estimated price, increased by 10%.

Unfortunately, as you’ve closed a deal, you will have to pay. The only favorable circumstance, according to FMCSA, is that you can request a postponement of payment for 30 days. That should give you enough time to raise the missing funds. So, think carefully before accepting a non-binding estimate.

Characteristics of the binding estimate

If you decide to accept the binding estimate, it could be a good deal. The moving companies Casselman guarantees a fixed cost estimate based on the approximate weight of your belongings. Simpler said the cost is fixed, and regardless of the real weight, you will have to pay what was quoted in the estimation.

The benefit of this estimation is that you will know exactly the budget that you need. However, there are some cons too. In case the actual weight of your possession is smaller, you will still have to pay the estimated amount. However, in case you have more belongings, the moving company will not charge you additionally for the excess weight.

Climate-controlled storage facility.
For surplus items, you can use the storage facility.

A binding not-to-exceed estimate is the most popular moving quote

Most customers, especially those making a long-distance move, as this estimate type the best. In general, in case the total measured weight is higher than the quotes, you will not have to pay more. On the other hand, if the real weight is less than estimated, you will be charged in accordance with the measured weight. So, as a customer, you are winning in any case.

However, don’t try to cheat and sneak additional items onto the truck afterward. That can cause a rather unpleasant situation. According to the FMCSA, in case you wish to add up some load, you and the mover must:

  • Agree to stick by the original binding estimate
  • Agree on a new binding estimate
  • Change the binding estimate into a non-binding one

In case you can’t reach an agreement, you can always leave the surplus times in storage facilities Ottawa. That way, you will respect the agreed estimate. And you can always collect those surplus things afterward.

To avoid misunderstandings, be clear about the type of estimate

This easy, the moving company will send the chosen move estimate along with the Bill of Lading. Also, make sure that the Bill of Lading includes all necessary information, like name, address, mileage, the agreed discounts, etc. Also, it must have attached the inventory list of all your belongings.

The moving quotes are excellent tools that can help you to choose the right mover. So, never forget to ask the quotes from at least three companies. Also, never accept the movers that are offering only a non-binding estimate. And start to ask for quotes sooner you learn about coming relocation. That will give you time to consider all elements carefully. That way, you will avoid inaccurate moving quotes when moving a long distance in Ontario. 

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