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Each of us will sooner or later encounter the process of adapting to a new environment. An example of such an inevitable adjustment is the transition from high school to college, which is often quite stressful. It can be particularly hard to get used to your new academic life if you’re moving to another city. However, many people move away to study, like from Ottawa to Toronto, so you won’t experience this alone! If you’re one of those students, hire moving help Ottawa to save yourself at least from the moving hassle. For everything else, we prepared this guide to help you adjust after moving to Toronto for college

Find the best accommodation for your needs 

Once you move to Toronto, you’ll have to decide between living on or off-campus in student housing. Each offer has its own set of benefits, so consider which you prefer as well as your budget. Living on campus is convenient and allows you to quickly connect with other students and faculty, but it’s also pricier. 

Students in shared housing, ready to adjust after moving to Toronto for college.
Whether you choose to live on campus or in downtown Toronto, you’ll quickly get used to student life.

If you have a tight budget, you can get by with CAD1,000, living in a shared apartment. With a budget of CAD 1,500-2,000 per month, you can live more comfortably in regular student housing. However, if you want to splurge and live in housing with many amenities, expect to pay up to CAD2,700. No matter what accommodation you choose, using Ottawa relocation services can help you adjust after moving to Toronto for college.

Getting a job can also help you adjust after moving to Toronto for college

For students, Toronto’s cost of living is relatively high, which is no surprise considering that it is Canada’s largest metropolis. Apart from tuition, students who move to Toronto to attend college must also think about the cost of housing. Living further away from campus can help you save some money, but expect to pay more than CAD100 for transportation. 

Of course, you can adapt to living in Toronto even on a shoestring budget. However, with a part-time job, you’ll have more money to participate in all the fun activities Toronto has to offer! There are plenty of job opportunities here, so you can even become an expert at moving boxes Ottawa.

Get to know the city beforehand

Even though Ottawa is the capital city, many students decide to move to Toronto to pursue higher education. However, packing on your own and moving four hours away can be really exhausting. Using the services of reliable moving companies Ottawa to Toronto during relocation will give you more time for yourself. One of the best ways to unwind and adjust properly after moving to Toronto would be to explore the city!  

An example of the Toronto skyline
You’ll love the view of Toronto as seen from the CN Tower.

Make time to visit some of Toronto’s famous landmarks, like the iconic CN Tower, and enjoy the panoramic view of the city. If you’re a sports fan, you could watch some of Toronto’s professional sports teams play at the nearby Rogers Centre. Alternatively, you could pay a visit to the Air Canada Centre, which also holds concerts and cultural events. 

Make an effort to meet fellow students if you want to adjust after moving to Toronto for college

Having recently moved to Toronto, it is very likely that you won’t know most of your fellow students from before. To get to know them better, it’s a good idea to start small, forming little study groups at first. After all, learning in good company can certainly help you overcome the crisis you may have when you face your university obligations. On the other hand, even if you prefer to study alone, there are so many ways you can meet new people in Toronto

A group of young people studying together
Finding a study group will help you adjust after moving to Toronto for college.

Over time, you may realize that you share many more common interests with your colleagues than you initially thought. It is also a fact that many friendships gained at university survive even after graduation. So, what’s a better way to adjust after moving to Toronto for college than to form lifelong friendships?

Have a try at extracurricular activities, volunteering, and internships

Many students are indifferent to extracurricular activities, believing them to be a waste of time. However, most of these students are simply not informed well enough about the benefits of participating in such projects. Attending conferences and workshops for students is a great way to gain insight into the opportunities your college has to offer. Furthermore, there’s a high chance you’ll improve your social skills and overall academic performance! 

Also, if there is an opportunity to volunteer or do an internship in your field, you should consider that opportunity as well. In that way, you can gain a lot of useful knowledge, and meet many new and inspiring colleagues. With more things to do and a cause to care about, you’ll adjust to life in Toronto in no time!

Think of the advantages of living and studying in Toronto

Even though it’s not the actual capital, Toronto is the heart of Canada when it comes to business, the arts, and culture. Here you can find plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, and a variety of events throughout the year. Whether you enjoy the performing arts, festivals, different cuisines, or sports, Toronto will not disappoint you. All of this implies that you’ll enjoy the city life once you move to Toronto for your studies. 

Living in Toronto is great because Toronto itself offers a diverse range of cultural, sporting, and nightlife events. However, you’ll soon see that each Toronto university offers a diverse range of chances for students to pursue their interests. With hundreds of clubs, sports teams, and organizations to join, you will adjust after moving to Toronto for college just fine!

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