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If you want to plan your office relocation in Ottawa, you’ll need to make it safe and easy. Because the way we work has forever changed since the pandemic in 2020 more organizations are considering alternative types of offices to shift to or allow hybrid work and remote teams. Planning, preparation, and communication are essentials for relocation. Planning and relocating offices in Ottawa is not a simple task, there are steps you can take to ensure that everything runs smoothly. We’re here to give you some tips on the office moving Ottawa. Here’s a simple guide to assist you in making the transition without extra stress.

Start planning at least a year ahead of your office relocation

Experts say that planning at least a year or even two in advance is the best time to start your relocation process. So, do you want to plan your office relocation in Ottawa? Begin by obtaining quotations from a range of moving companies. Check the best moving companies Ottawa and see what other clients are saying about them. So you can determine the greatest service and value for money. Next, you should find out if you need moving insurance for expensive equipment. To avoid overspending, create a moving budget.

For your new space, get a complete floor plan so you can organize it well. Examine the terms of your commercial lease. You could also be liable for any breakages or damage to the space caused by the move. Consider using a Covid-19-safety protocol. Can we keep a social distance between offices or tables? Create a plan and hire a moving team that can divide duties and oversees the relocation process.

Man with a mask packing boxes in a van
When you plan your office relocation in Ottawa you must be sure that all safety measures are carried out.

Informing other parties about your relocation – first phase in planning your office relocation

Informing about relocation should be done about a year or six months in advance. As you already know the most important thing in every business is clear communication, so we want everyone to know that we plan our office relocation in Ottawa. If you have some extra stuff that you want to save, you will need to consider some storage units Ottawa. Now here is a shortlist of people/companies that you need to inform about your relocation:

  • Give official notice to your present landlord and/or property manager.
  • Notify all members of your team about the moving date and new office address.
  • You should explain why you’re moving and what the advantages of your new office space are to your employees.
  • Make a reservation with the relocation company of your choice in Ottawa.
  • Notify local partners and suppliers about your relocation. Pay attention to those who will be impacted by your new address.
  • Clients, suppliers, and network operators.
  • Accounting departments, insurance companies, and financial institutions like banks, etc.
  • Provider of Internet access, and Telecom companies,
  • Services for stationery, repairmen company, and food providers
  • Any other services that your organization employs
Woman talking on a phone
When we are planning on relocating we should inform everyone about our new destination.

Preparing – Second phase in office relocation in Ottawa

When it comes to packing your old stuff you shouldn’t rush it. This should be done 3 months before moving out completely. Since you are planning your office relocation, don’t forget about boxes and other packing supplies Ottawa. It’s always better to check with your moving company. They have different types of boxes so you don’t have to look for them, in the end, you don’t want to forget anything.
As we’ve already mentioned talk with your employees first. Always make sure that you have a checklist of all items that you do and don’t want to take with you.
Emphasize that you are not responsible for any loss of personal belongings. Tell your employees to take a good look at their office space before they leave it.
You should check what kind of service do you need from the moving company: trucks, vans, or a whole moving team (this usually depends on your company’s size). Think about hiring a cleaning company or see with your moving company if they can clean your old place for you. You can always make a sale of things that you would anyway throw away. Think very carefully about the things that you will need to take with you. Save time by asking some of your employees to help you with removing certain obstacles or throwing things away.
Girl applying label to a box
It’s crucial to label everything and make a checklist when you’re relocating your office.

Moving  – The last phase of your office relocation plan in Ottawa

Finally, that day has come! Your moving company is here and your one-year move is about to end.  Now you’ve got to take care of a couple of things that you are done. This part usually takes a couple of weeks up to a month. The first thing that you would want to do is label everything! You may use any method you choose. Whether it’s letters and numbers or colors and shapes, as long as the labels on the boxes match the labels in the new office space. It will be much easier for movers to match this information.
Secondly, you should take a look at your old place one last time and see if someone forgot something.

Thirdly, make a good plan and remember what goes in first comes out last. What we mean by this is that you should pack the most important things first and the least important last. Finally, you’ve moved your office to a new space in Ottawa. We hope that we helped you plan your office relocation in Ottawa. Now it’s time to plan a big welcome party to your new office!

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