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Moving to Gatineau most likely means you are ready for something different. This beautiful city is located in western Quebec and it is one of the most beautiful places in the entire country. If you made a decision that this place could be your new home, it is good to start preparing for it on time. Your preparation should include getting to know the place and preparing for moving. While you can find much information online, it is always much better to get to the details firsthand. Depending on where exactly you live right now, it may take some time to get used to the sudden change. To make things much easier for you, take a look at this useful guide to living and working in Gatineau!

Living and working in Gatineau

When someone mentions moving to a different city, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably packing and transporting your items. However, moving includes so much more things to do that will make these two processes extremely easy. One of the most complex ones is probably getting to know the place and adjusting quickly. Depending on the place it may take a while to completely settle in and continue with your life. On the other hand, if you are ready to spend some time preparing, you can speed up this process and make it much easier for everyone. Reliable movers Ottawa can finish the transportation part for you, and you will have plenty of time for the rest of the tasks.

river and forest next to it
Although it is a big city, you can find some beautiful spots to relax in Gatineau

Luckily, when you come across cities like Gatineau, you won’t bother too much getting to know the place and your new neighborhood. With the nice community and a couple of tips on what exactly to do, you will feel like you are always supposed to live there. Of course, hacks for living and working in Gatineau are mostly individual, so always focus on your priorities and goals. Let’s dive into more details and what exactly you should focus on!

The city of Gatineau

If you are looking for a city that looks like it has been ripped straight from the movies, then Gatineau is perfect for you! With its beautiful architecture and lovely parks, it is one of the best places to move to in Canada. In recent years, Gatineau started developing rapidly and became a true Canadian giant in many areas. According to the statistics, a huge number of new residents arrive each year and they mostly settle downtown or somewhere in the suburbs. Depending on their needs and priorities, these two areas will provide different lifestyles. What you need to know is that Gatineau is a city of diversity and welcomes everyone who is willing to start a new life here. This means you will get a chance to meet a bunch of new people from all around the world.

Before you find good local movers Ottawa, you should definitely explore this city more. Look for different neighborhoods that may suit you and your family. It is much better to do this before officially moving especially if you never had a chance to visit Gatineau before. Start with checking out the suburbs first and move towards the downtown. The best method is to pin down every neighborhood that catches your attention so you can make the final decision easier. 

Things you should do before moving

The best recipe for starting your life in a different city is to prepare before arriving. Simply following your instincts and letting things unfold without your supervision won’t do it. Start with setting the main goals that will guide you through the process of choosing the right neighborhood and then finding a good job. Here are some of the things you should consider:

  • Looking for a job
  • Finding a suitable neighborhood
  • Setting the date
  • Gathering other important information
a group of friends talking and laughing
Canada is a country of diversity so get ready for making some new friendships

Keep in mind that moving companies Gatineau should be part of your main goals as well. In case you want to carry out this relocation on your own, then get ready for spending more time doing it. You will have to be focused on multiple tasks at once and will need extra help at some point. 

Looking for a job

Gatineau has a very low unemployment rate so don’t worry too much about finding a good job. You will need to send out your application on time and probably attend a couple of job interviews before officially moving. This method works the best because moving without finding a job can be risky. Thanks to the good economy in this city, you can even choose to work remotely. For those that are young professionals and freelancers, this is excellent news! Even if you are moving from a nearby area, your old company may offer you to work from home as well. Some of the professions that are always welcomed in Gatineau include:

  • Doctors and medical workers
  • Teachers and professors
  • Social workers
  • Lawyers 
  • Construction workers

The list goes on and all you need to do is look up your profession. Once you find a job that suits your needs you can proceed to move. Make sure to inform your new company about the arrival date. Since looking for a job can take a while, make sure to choose the proper moving services. For example, packing services Ottawa will give you plenty of time to focus on looking for a job and sending out your applications.

friends having dinner
It won’t take too long for you to find favorite locations in this city

Finding a neighborhood for living and working in Gatineau

Successful living and working in Gatineau require a good neighborhood. And while there are many here, not all of them will be perfect for you. Look for a place that is close to your job and offers a lifestyle you prefer. Suburbs will be amazing for families with smaller kids while downtown is made for young people eager to get into new adventures. Every part of this city offers something different and all you need is enough time to check them out. Although they may be completely different, there is one thing every part of Gatineau has in common. Wherever you decide to move you will be in love with your new community!

People in the city of Gatineau are very kind, especially to new residents who need some time to get used to the change. Your new neighbors can guide you through some important details you should know about the city and the area. The same goes out for your new coworkers that will make sure you understand every part of the company’s routine at the very start. 

Setting the right date

To make things work out for you properly you will have to be extra careful when setting the date. You need to avoid choosing the wrong season to move and the season of holidays. This will slow down your relocation and probably make you stressed out. So how will you choose the right date for moving to Gatineau? The best weather conditions are definitely in late spring and early fall. The weather is nice and constant rains will not bother you. Keep in mind that if you must move during the winter, you will have to be extra careful. Winters in Gatineau are very long, snowy, and cold and can make your relocation last much longer than expected. 

woman playing in the snow
Winters in Gatineau are very cold so get ready for many winter adventures in the snow

If you are not sure about setting the right date, residential movers Ottawa can help you out. Since they operate in the area all the time, they will know more details on living and working in Gatineau so feel free to ask for advice. As soon as you provide all the details about your relocation, they will guide you through the rest of the moving steps.

Gathering other important information about living and working in Gatineau

If you are not from Canada, you should expect things to be a little bit different in Gatineau. That is why it is essential to know as much about the place as possible so you can avoid some cultural shocks. For those who plan on moving from the USA get ready for a completely different healthcare system. Every resident in Canada can receive a healthcare service and the government is paying for emergency situations. This will come as great news for some, as not everyone in the USA can have access to health insurance.

To learn more interesting things that may surprise you in Canada, you can always go through moving blogs. There you can find a lot of tips and tricks for getting used to living in a different place. You will be happy to know that these kinds of tips helped many people go past different obstacles when moving to a different city!

Official languages in Gatineau

For those who didn’t know, Canada has two official languages and both English and French are widely used. In some cities, French is more popular than English so this is something you should consider right away. Gatineau is one of them and even 84% of people speak it on a daily basis. If you are looking for a job here, you may find it difficult to get one if you don’t speak any French. This may come as a big surprise for many people, as not every school in the world practice teaching French. Even though this language seems extremely hard, native English speakers find it very easy to learn and later speak. You will even come across supermarkets and gas stations where you need a basic French vocabulary to communicate. If you never had a chance to learn it, now is the best time for it. 

community members talking about tips for living and working in Gatineau
Make sure to start learning French on time

Nowadays, there are many online French courses that can help you learn the basics of that language. In time, you will get used to it and get over the language barrier thanks to your new neighbors and co-workers. The best thing you can do is start learning it on time. You can even have night classes or listen to different podcasts while doing other daily tasks around your household. Try to be as creative as possible and make some new friendships before officially moving. You can contact some of your new neighbors and practice language with them. There are also countless online apps that allow you to speak with different people and practice a new language, so feel free to give them a try. Once the time for meeting with small movers Ottawa you will be ready to show off your new French-speaking skills.

Things to avoid when living and working in Gatineau

Just like any city in the world, this one has some things you should be careful with. The one most of the residents don’t like is bad traffic. During rush hour and working days, it can be extremely difficult to drive and arrive anywhere on time. This is why choosing public transportation for your commute is the best option. You can leave your vehicle for some minor tasks or family trips but avoid driving it to work or to get your kids to school. When the time for your relocation comes, make a strategic plan about moving your inventory. The last thing you need is to spend hours transporting your furniture and other items. Furniture movers Ottawa can be extremely helpful and will move your items quickly.

Making your inventory list also means you will have to level some things behind. Living and working in Gatineau is the beginning of something new and pilling up your new home will just stress you out even more. Storage solutions Ottawa can keep all excess that you can come and pick up later. It is good to know that there is enough space for everything and that your inventory will be safe. 

sunset above the city
To prepare for living and working in Gatineau you will just have to focus on your priorities

Bottom line

Keep in mind that most of these tips will apply to all types of relocation. Even if you are going with office moving Ottawa you will still have to prepare the same way. Trust your instincts and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime while living and working in Gatineau!

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