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Believe it or not, shoes are quite fragile. Although you might think that shoes do not require any special care, especially when storing them, you are wrong. Like many items in your household, especially clothes, shoes can suffer damage if exposed to the wrong conditions. Because of that, today we discuss storing shoes long term and everything you need to know about it. From hiring Discount Moving Ottawa services to transporting the items to finding the right conditions to store them, everything you do matters. Especially if you are planning on wearing these shoes later on. Luckily, packing and storing these items is not hard, but will require your devotion and attention for a short period of time. Basically, if you start the process properly, the rest will come easy. Luckily for you, we are here to help you tackle the process from start to finish.

Storing shoes long term and everything you need to know about it

Much like moving, preparing a certain type of item for storage will require attention, planning, and a good approach. Lucky for us, shoes are rarely something that will cause “big issues” when moving. Nonetheless, this should not diminish their longevity in the process of storing in storage facilities Ottawa. So, when opting to store your shoes in a storage unit, you will need to:

  • Declutter the shoes first
  • Find the right storage for the items
  • Ensure you have all the supplies you need to pack them properly
  • Use adequate packing containers or bins

Although shoes are not as fragile as a piano, for example, they can still suffer consequences from bad packing or bad conditions. So, even though this might seem like a breeze, you should still try to plan things out. No matter how easy something is, you should always try to do it the best way possible.

Decluttering the shoes

The first thing you should do is to separate the shoes you want from the ones that you do not. This process is preliminary to the packing process. More importantly, it will not only lower the amount of work you have to do, but the price you have to pay for the transport and storage.

a pair of grey shoes on a black surface to represent the process of decluttering before storing shoes long term
For instance, shoes that you will not wear this season can easily go into the unit until the right season arrives

In addition, you can also decide to sell some shoes, which can bring additional money to the table. Of course, you can also choose to donate some of the shoes, for the less fortunate. Basically, if you are not going to wear the shoes, or if they are in bad shape, there is no real reason for you to keep them. Furthermore, if you want to save more money, aside from decluttering, you can hire small movers in Ottawa to relocate the items to their new location. Decluttering will save you both time and money.

Finding the right storage unit

There is no need for you to place the shoes in a storage unit with climate control, for example. More importantly, if this is the only thing you will be storing, there is no need to rent a large storage unit. Instead, you should do your own research and get in touch with several companies or facilities to learn more about the options you have. The space in the unit should allow you to safely stack and place the shoes inside. Furthermore, the right conditions will preserve the state of the shoes until the time comes to wear them again. Avoid placing them in storage units that are close to bodies of water (moisture), or the ones that do not provide adequate conditions for your items. Storing shoes long term is all about the conditions you store them in, so pay attention.

Ensure you have all the supplies for safely storing shoes long term

The biggest part of the protection of the shoes you store is the supplies you use to protect the shoes. Luckily, shoes do not require special or heavy wrapping. Nonetheless, they will still require some form of protection.

a person placing packing paper on top of a pair of shoes packed inside a shoe box
Although not as fragile, shoes will still require some form of protection, especially when they spend a long time in storage

Packing paper, packing tape, and anti-bacterial sprays are just some of the essential items you will need. We are going to talk more about boxes in the next paragraph. Moreover, make sure that you wash the shoes thoroughly before starting to pack them. Once they are clean, you should spray them with anti-bacterial spray, wrap them individually in packing paper and place them safely in an adequate container. Basically, this is all you need to do before local movers Ottawa arrives to relocate the boxes further. You can, of course, apply more levels of protection, depending on the state and importance of certain shoes.

Using adequate container

To finalize our guide for storing shoes long term, we have to talk about the containers you will be using. Basically, you can use both cardboard and plastic boxes. What will matter the most, in the end, is how you wrap and protect the shoes.

a man putting tape over a cardboard box to ensure it is sealed
Cardboard boxes are the most common container people use, but plastic bins offer a much better protection for storing shoes long term

Furthermore, plastic bins will provide slightly better protection for the items inside, mostly because it is pest-proof. In case there are pests in the unit, they can easily chew through the cardboard and potentially nest in the shoes. Of course, if this is an issue, or you want to prevent it, you can always take precautionary pest-protective steps. Containers will serve two big purposes. One is being a convenient way to handle and transport a larger number of shoes at once. The second purpose is to keep unwanted things away from the items inside them. Opting for plastic bins might be the best solution when storing shoes long term.

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