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Your relocation is just around the corner and you must get ready for it. You should create a moving plan, organize the packing process, find reliable movers in Ottawa, and possibly rent a storage unit. Moving companies offer great storing solutions to their respected clients. But, did you know that the storage unit can be used for something else than only to store your unused items? There are many uses for storage units and we are here today to point out a few great ways to use yours. Let us take a look.

Personal storage

Of course, people mostly use their storage units to store furniture and leftover moving boxes filled with random belongings. It is a lucrative way to get rid of all the unused, outdated, seasonal, and excess stuff you possess. But there are many other ways to utilize the space you rented. One of the first uses for storage units we will cover today is that you can turn it into a personal space. Not only that you can store your personal and precious belongings, but it can be your safe haven as well.

A person inside a storage unit
Collect your thoughts and relax. It can be your new personal space.

If you make a designated spot inside, you can pull out your favorite chair and read a book in peace. Or do whatever makes you relaxed. You can decorate, renovate, personalize, and adapt it to fit your needs. It can be a place where you can let of some steam and remove stress. All in all, it can be whatever you want it to be. Your new personal space for all kinds of activities.

How, what, and where to look for it?

One of the easiest and safest ways to find one of the storage units in Ottawa is to address your movers. moving companies offer a great variety and you will certainly find what you seek. So, go online, browse a bit, and figure out which moving company is the best for you. Then, you must know what you are looking for. Of course, this depends on what you are going to use your unit for. Therefore, guided by your prerequisites, you should choose a size, location, security features, and if needed, a climate-controlled storage unit.

Communicate this part with your movers and tell them what your goals are. But note that you shouldn’t store any hazardous materials, perishables, or animals. It is a safety problem and against the law. Also, you should use the proper packing supplies Ottawa to pack and store your items inside the unit. Especially if you are storing delicate and fragile items. Ask your movers about it, they will provide all necessary information and guide you through the renting process and what your responsibilities are.

Turn it into a gym

This is one of the uses for storage units and it is growing in popularity each day. People are making personal gyms at home for a while now. But not all of us have a garage or a back yard that can support it. So, if you do not have a gym within the walking distance, this might be the solution for you. You can do it alone or with a few neighbors. Rent a unit, buy gym equipment, and adapt your unit to be a new workout spot. Or you can do it alone if you have time and money to invest in this project. Maybe the best solution is to do it with your family or a best friend. Keep it simple and safe.

One of the great uses for storage units is to turn it into a gym
Turn your storage unit into a gym. Your friends and family will appreciate the idea.

One of the lucrative uses for storage units is turning it into an office space

If you are running a business and you need an extra office space or business-related storage, this is the way to go. It is ten times cheaper to rent a unit to support your business than to rent a space designed for it. Not to mention that you will save a lot of money that you can invest somewhere else. So, depending on the nature of your business, you can do the following:

  • Storage space – Many companies use storage facilities to keep their business-related items safe and easily accessible. You can use it as a file room, keep your outdated equipment, gear, tools, etc.
  • Warehouse – If you are running a small business, you can rent a unit to store your products inside.
  • Office – You can even run your business from your unit. Just make sure you have everything you need to support it.
  • Support hub – A place where you can drop by and re-fill. A great place to store anything your business requires. As long as you are following all the health and safety standards.

Use your storage unit to cultivate a hobby

Ok, this one is amazing. It is stunning what people can do with the space given. With just a bit of imagination and a touch of an artistic soul, you can turn your unit into a place where you can support almost any hobby. Maybe you like to write, paint, or make pottery? Or use this place as a second garage and refurbish Oldtimers, antique pieces, and artwork? Yes, you can do it all. Although, keep in mind that heavy machinery, hazardous materials, flammable objects, and volatile liquids are not permitted. Read about the health and safety standards before you attempt something extreme.

Tools hanging on the wall
You can use your unit as a second garage. A simple shelf with your basic tools is a good start.

Are you ready to find your storage space?

Now you can see that there are many ways to utilize the space you rented. Your storage unit is not only the place to store stuff but a lucrative way for you to obtain an affordable space to support your needs. Although, many people rent storage units when moving to store all those items that can’t fit in their new apartments. And if that is your situation as well, just make sure to pack your items for storage adequately. We already mentioned items that require climate-controlled storage or items that need a bit more protection before being stored. Use higher quality packing materials and make sure you keep the hygiene at the highest level. Clean and maintain your unit each time you visit and you’ll keep the mold, rodents, and pests out. Keep it nice and tidy.

And now you know some of the common uses for storage units. No doubt you’ll find a unique way to set up and maintain yours. But more importantly, you’ll enjoy the space you purchased.

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