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It’s not easy to pick the best Ottawa neighborhoods for seniors given that Ottawa, on the whole, has plenty to offer to its residents. However, we at Professional Movers Ottawa decided to make a list of top neighborhoods for seniors who look forward to starting a new life chapter. Since moving is one of the many changes that come with retirement, a reliable team of movers is something you should also think of. After you pick the most suitable neighborhood, make sure to contact us for more information about our offer. We will be glad to contribute to your fresh start in a new place of residence!

Seniors often choose to relocate to some of the best Ottawa neighborhoods

There is something unique about the neighborhoods in Ottawa. Most of them are great for people of all ages, including seniors. The urban yet family-friendly nature of this amazing city truly makes it ideal for all age groups.

senior couple enjoying their coffee
Seniors often choose safe and quiet neighborhoods.

When speaking about the best neighborhoods for elders, we should consider specific factors that make them stand out. In order for a neighborhood to become senior-friendly, it must fulfill the following criteria:

  • It must include all amenities. 
  • Proximity to medical facilities.
  • Affordable housing.
  • Easy commuting. 
  • Low crime rate.
  • Walkable areas. 
  • Green surfaces would be a plus. 

It’s common for seniors to downsize after retirement

As it’s mentioned, affordable house prices are one of the important requirements of top senior-friendly neighborhoods. In addition, downsizing is a common decision among seniors. Therefore, smaller and at the same time, functional living spaces will hold a higher advantage over big houses with plenty of rooms. When looking to change their living situation within Ottawa, seniors often opt for neighborhoods with diverse apartment offers.

Stittsville is undoubtedly one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods for seniors

Many advantages come with moving to Stittsville. This lovely city is perfect for everyone who seeks to live in a safe family-friendly community. There is a comfy village vibe to this neighborhood which makes it stand out. It’s not surprising why more and more seniors opt to move there and start fresh. By moving to Stittsville, seniors get to enjoy affordable living and a peaceful environment. Also, for those who are interested in purchasing a new home, this neighborhood is a perfect place for that. House prices are almost 50% cheaper compared with central Ottawa. Moreover, Stittsville is considered one of the cheapest neighborhoods in Ottawa.

a senior man in the park
Many seniors prefer places close to outdoor areas.

This lovely suburban area has all seniors need at hand. The majority of residents – both former and present – claim it didn’t take long to start calling Stittsville their home. Also, the neighborhood is quite close to Ottawa downtown and many other neighborhoods thanks to an excellent commuting system. So, have you already decided to spend the rest of your golden years in this amazing place? If the answer is positive, then your next step is to hire movers Stittsville residents gladly recommend.

Kanata is one of Ottawa’s fastest-growing neighborhoods

While being not so far from the very Ottawa downtown, Kanata is another great neighborhood where seniors feel comfortable and safe. First and foremost, the neighborhood is quite safe, with many walkable areas. Second, house pricing is very affordable. The best thing about Kanata is its proximity to parks and plenty of open walkable open spaces. Those who prefer to stay active will be glad to hear that Kanata is abundant with outdoor spaces. Plus, it’s easy to get to South March highlands – a place with the highest biodiversity you will find in Ottawa.

The community of Kanata is diverse, welcoming, and easy-going. Simply put, living in this lovely suburban community is easy as a breeze. Plus, it’s not far from Ottawa’s hustle and bustle. It can be said that Kanata has the best of both worlds. Therefore, make sure to learn what moving companies Kanata has on offer. Choose the company experienced enough to know what it takes for a quick and hassle-free move.

Manotick is another neighborhood for seniors that has it all

The population of more than 4.500 residents and the rural vibe make Manotick perfect for those who like cozy remote areas. Located about 25km from downtown Ottawa, this lovely place is quite interesting for living for several reasons:

  • The number of stores is growing, and thus there’s no need to leave the place in order to buy groceries and other necessities. In addition, there’s a huge shopping center with stores, pharmacies, and other amenities.
  • There are dining and pub options worth experiencing.
  • Commuting to Ottawa is becoming easier and better each year.
  • Manotick is a small modernized community with historic appeal.

People of Manotick appreciate the origin of their community by celebrating Dickinson’s Day to honor their founder – Moss Kent Dickinson. This is just one of the few festivals that take place in Manotick throughout the year. If you think this place would be perfect for your fresh start, then choose the best Manotick movers for you to help you move and settle.

senior woman reading about best Ottawa neighborhoods for seniors
The best Ottawa neighborhoods for seniors have everything at hand.

Let the professional movers handle your relocation to a chosen neighborhood

When relocating, only professional senior moves Ottawa should handle the entire endeavor. Give yourself enough time to find the most suitable mover to relocate you to one of the best Ottawa neighborhoods for seniors you choose. Before you contact any particular company, check if they offer all the necessary services. Next, book at least a few free moving quotes. Compare the quotes and services before you make a final decision. However, do your best to avoid the movers without licenses and enough evidence about their work. In addition, such movers are most likely to be suspicious schemes that don’t have your best interest at heart. Only licensed and certified moving companies with plenty of positive testimonials should come into consideration. They will make your relocation enjoyable and help you settle with ease.

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